Introducing the SA.AL&CO Interview Sessions

The interviews capture the aspirational imagination and intellectual curiosity of men aspiring to the elegant sophistication embodied by the style icon Simone Righi. In introducing the flamboyant imagery and profound thoughts of the interview, SA.AL&CO genuinely affiliates itself with a sophisticated and thoughtful man’s lifestyle expectations and ambitions. SA.AL&CO will introduce men like Simone Righi in its Interview Sessions, bi-annually at first; focusing on nationals of countries where SA.AL&CO is available in select premium perfumeries & skincare stores as well as concept & fashion stores.

Simone Righi, Owner of Frasi Florence

The first SA.AL&CO Interview Sessions interviewee is Simone Righi, a style icon from Florence, who owns and operates Frasi, a refined tailoring shop in the heart of the city. Simone is considered as one of the best-dressed man in the world and is often cited as one of the faces of the prestigious menswear fare, Pitti Uomo. Esteemed photographers such as The Sartorialist as well as prestigious menswear blogs and magazines such as The Bespoke Dudes, Permanent Style, and The Rake have photographed as well as written about him. In the case of the foremost Korean men’s fashion magazine luel in 2017 and the unofficial Pitti Uomo magazine Plaza Uomo in 2016, he has even adored their respective cover pages.

№1 What makes Florence unique?

Florence is a city, that never gets totally discovered because of its inherent beauty.


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№2. What does social media mean to you?

I primarily define myself through my work. Therefore, my intention is to be less attention seeking – and instead be alive.


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№3. Can someone's personal style evolve?

It is very important to open up. To have an intention to change. Because life is an evolution.
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№4. What fashion brand is underrated?

They always focused more on women than on men due to the differing traditions between Italian and French fashion.


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№5. What's better than... sex?

It’s a little mean to ask a man something like this, but let’s say…


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№6 What world leader would you dress and how?

Owing to the fact that he has physical attributes that allow grandiose possibilities. However, the ultimate challenge would be to dress...

Discover Florence through Simone's eyes