About Moscow as experienced by the rakish staff of Molecule


You could fix all the potholed roads, fine the taxi drivers for overcharging, and even introduce hotel staff to study that strange concept known in the West as 'customer service', but then Moscow would no longer be Moscow. A big city with a big character, Moscow has an energy and pride that's hard to match. Sometimes intimidating, bullying even, the city itself can terrify the casual tourist, but the rewards to be had from taking the time to learn about it and fight back are tremendous!

In June 2018 Moscow will host the biggest football competition of the world, the FIFA World Cup, thus we would like to introduce our City Guide to those that are passionate about soccer and visit this spectacular city cheering their team on to do their best.

Breakfast / Coffee / Brunch 



As everyone knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and at Cook’kareku it is the only thing they make…breakfast, just breakfast! You will find every breakfast the world has to offer: from the typical Eggs Benedict to a Japanese breakfast of eel with eggs. A curiousity is when they choose serve each type of breakfast, namely doing so when the breakfast's country of origin is in having breakfast time. Therefore, Cook’kareku is a 24-hour café where you can have breakfast at any time.

breakfast cafe.jpg


Situated in the heart of Moscow this café will make you cherish the morning thnaks for the delicious selection of porridges, omelettes and of course blueberry pancakes!! These three breakfast dishes are making the place one of the most popular in the city among Muscovites, as well as the cosy atmosphere that will make you forget about time whilst enjoying the most important meal of the day. 

steak it easy.jpeg


This restaurant is not a typical steakhouse travellers find in most cosmopolitan cityies around the world. Its an affordable restaurant, a favortie for business meetings, yet trendy enough for personal indulgences thanks to its pleasant atmosphereIt is a place for meat lovers that would like to combine the steak or burger with a good red wine!




Pinch cuisine is a reflection of Luigi Magni, the chef who had previously worked at Tokyo's Sadler, Il Pellicano of Antonio Guida, Piccolo Lago and a legendary Villa Crespi of Antonio Cannavacciuolo, moving for just a short while initially to Moscow to then settle and indulge in his his love affair with Russian gastronomy. He infuses his memories and specialties in every aspect of a dish, which are a play with the ingredients and techniques in which he is interested in. Luigi Magni shares his memories, feelings and emotions with the guests.

delicatessen Moscow.jpg


A homemade restaurant where everything is prepared by the owner's talented chef Ivan Shishkin, a perfectionist at heart. The bar is served by Vyacheslav Lankin who comes from Bartender Brothers, which is arguabily the best cocktail bar in Moscow, thus all cocktails and home-made liquors are prepared in a special way. If you go, definitely try the carp cutlet in rice paper with puree from smoked sweet potato and fried brains with pike caviar. Moreover, if you are looking for something more special to end the week, go for Sunday's lunch – a four to five-course menu is served every Sunday with the owners best efforts.



The restaurant is situated near Stoleshnikov street, the most expensive shopping street in Moscow, and some might say the world. However, Enthusiast isn’t a fancy, snob restaurant that you'd expect given the area; but a Kreuzberg, Berlin inspired place with the same philosophy you may encounter there in a great restaurant. Decorated in a modern hipster Berliner style while serving snacks, sandwiches, healthy menus or homemade puddings - their specialty. Absolutely worth a visit to have a quick bite if you are shopping in the area, especially in the summer season where you can enjoy the veranda as local DJ's launch into Satuday night vibes.        




Salumeria is a unique place where real Italians will open their soul, where everything is thought through to the smallest detail, where you can find what you were looking for in terms of delicious, traditional Italian cuisine. They offer an excellent Burrata that you can combine with tomatoes, artichokes, tuna etc. It is situated in the best area of Moscow where you will find luxury boutiques and fashion stores along with the best bars. At the end of dinner, be sure to try the coffee with orange chocolate cream! It will change the way you think of coffee - in the best possible way.

wing or leg -2.png


Krylyshko ili Nozhka translates as “Wing or Leg” and is the newest brainchild of Dmitry Zotov, known as the head of the high-end restaurants Zoloty and Antrekot.  It is located in the quiet Rizhskaya district of Moscow, but wouldn't look out of place in East London. The small tiled bar area serves range beers and ciders that will be familiar to British pub goers while the kitchen cranks out an eclectic menu of reasonably priced but well-executed gastropub food. Young trendy Russians have fallen in love with 'dude food' including burgers with crispy pork and kimchi and chicken wings with chipotle, but Zotov's fine dining background is also apparent in more sophisticated dishes such as smoked egg with morel sauce and grissini with saffron aioli and anchovies.

cafe pushkin.jpg


The café, which is really a five-star restaurant, is open 24 hours a day and is situated in a building that was renovated to look exactly like a Russian aristocrat's home circa 1825. The atmosphere will consequently make you think that you have taken a time travel machine to the golden era of the Czars while enjoying an equally traditional selection of Russian and French cuisine from the same period. You'll want to get the blinchiki with black caviar, borscht and pelmeni , before moving on to the famous Tsar's Sturgeon and, of course, one of Pushkin's many, many desserts. Make sure your meal includes a spot or two or three of vodka.

Plain Vodka or Moscow Mule 



One way to describe this bar is eccentric, modern, luxurious, with a rotating roster of international chefs (every 3 month a new one takes over the reins) cooking in a temporary loft space paired with, this being Russia after all, a book of lethal cocktails presided over by mixologist Andreas Tsanos (ex-Hix and Sketch in London). While looking at their amazing veranda with its warm atmosphere, you should order one of a batch of 15 cocktails powered by everything from wheatgrass wine, lime leaf dust and jasmine to bee pollen, wormwood and liquorice egg yolks. 



Upon opening, Mendeleev achieved two things at once: it became one of Moscow’s first cocktails bars where cocktail-making was treated as an art and it was also one of the first “secret” bars, a concept borrowed from New York’s Chinatown. Look for the tiny Lucky Noodles noodle takeaway joint and then once inside, look for the strict face control guy standing in front of a drawn curtain. Once allowed into the dimly lit basement setting you can observe the fascinating work of the local mixologists, who are superb specialists in absinthe. On weekdays indulge yourself in live piano and jazz performances, on weekends put on your dancing shoes for cool deep techno and deep house. Mendeleev is definitely somewhere on top of every Muscovites’ list of best cocktail places.



It’s an open secret that many good bars are found behind hidden doors: Voda is no exception. Enter the arch next to Petrovka 17 and keep to the right until you see a small, two storey building that has a wooden door with a long, golden handle and a stone sign next to it. Voda is where elaborate cocktails — be it gin with pine elixir or sparkling rhubarb fizz — are served in minimalist glasses that make you feel as if drinking something so special is completely normal. This is exactly what saves a menu-free bar from becoming an experimental laboratory. Space is limited and booking is required.

Where to rest

ararat hayatt.jpg


Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow is located in the very heart of the capital of Russia and is one of the best situated 5-star hotels in Moscow. Just a few minutes walk from the iconic landmarks such as the Kremlin, Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, this luxury hotel is within the immediate vicinity of the famous Bolshoi Theatre and the Parliament House. With swanky rooms and suites designed by famous New York architect Tony Chi, this stylish downtown hotel has a renowned Armenian-themed restaurant and top-notch amenities that span a spa and health club, plus a great rooftop lounge and bar with stellar views over central Moscow.

4 seasons Hotel.jpeg


This gigantic building “as all things in Russia” it is a modern replica of the legendary hotel Moskva, originally opened in 1935, but now perhaps even more luxurious as a Four Seasons. Located in the best spot of the city by having rooms with stunning views to the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil Cathedral and the Duma. The exterior’s distinctive asymmetrical design, which appears on bottles of Stolichnaya vodka, has been retained – legend has it that Stalin inadvertently approved two designs for the façade and the hapless architect opted to include both rather than risk the dictator’s wrath. 


StandART Hotel

The StandArt Hotel Moscow is the first Russian hotel to join the international community of Design Hotels™, a worldwide network uniting more than 280 independent hotels in over 50 countries. The original retro-futuristic style, a location in the historical centre of the city and high culinary and gastronomic standards have all allowed the StandArt to become a fully valued Design Hotel network member and to debut the network in Russia. It showcases something exclusive and innovative, a balance of progressive global trends combined with high comfort. Each room is unique in its design, offering a stylish retro-futurism of the halcyon days of the 1950s.


Where to find us 


Molecule  Neglinnaya

The most expensive street in Moscow is perfumed by this exclusive store, intriguing not only by the excelent selection of niche perfumes but also the scent and atmosphere. The wall features hand prints of the founders of several well known brands that have visited the stores in recent years.

_DSC3102 crocus.jpg

Molecule Crocus

Outside of the three rings that the define the map of Moscow you will find Crocus City Mall, a luxury shopping mall of gigantic proportions. If you are doing some shopping in this mall, undeniably you will find this high-end luxury perfumery in the luxury segment of the mall, which boosts all the top brands the world has to offer.

Molecule Raddison.jpg

Molecule  Radisson

Inside of one of the most luxurious hotels of the city, the Hotel Ukraina, which was commissioned by Joseph Stalin and became the second tallest of the neoclassical Stalin-era "seven sisters", it was the tallest hotel in the world from the time of its construction until the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel opened in Atlanta, Georgia, United States in 1976. Here you will find the Molecule Radisson, offering a great selection of niche perfumes.   

Map of Moscow