About Florence as experienced by Simone Righi, owner of Frasi and Style Icon

Florence is a city, that never gets totally discovered because of its inherent beauty and this beauty ingrained into me in my childhood. And it gave me an aesthetic sense. That evolved into an interest towards aesthetics. Otherwise Florence is a small town. A small town, so it maintains a lifestyle that is slow and thoughtful.
— Simone Righi 

Brunch & Coffee places

Bar Caffè Cibreo


It is a friendly place and old world atmosphere, which is open from morning to night that seduces with the scent of coffee and warm croissants. The appetizers are strongly recommendable such as bread morsels with Florentine liver pate, pudding yogurt with oil, lemon and turmeric or tomato, olive oil and basil.



It’s one of the historical bars in Town and serves the best coffee in an authentic atmosphere. Most of the guests are Florentine regulars, thus whilst enjoying a coffee or a bite one has a chance to experience the buzzing routine of the locales lives. Its ideal for breakfast, with a large selection of Italian croissants, but also not be underestimated for lunch.




A restaurant with a passion for cooking fresh, quality ingredients, carefully selected and processed, it is a remarkable experience for anyone loving fish. The owner’s, Tommasso, incredible creativity is namely showcase through simple, no frills, fish dishes of oftentimes lesser known species in order to explore the richness of the sea.






This Florentine institution is Simone’s favorite place for an intimate dinner with friends and family. It opened in 1945 and is run in the third generation that has been famous among food buffs for the better part of their existence. Its old world interior is complemented with a mostly Tuscan home-style kitchen, and, wonder of wonders, especially given its central location, moderate prices.

Ora D'Aria.jpg

Ora D’Aria


Ora d'Aria”, or "Hour of Air", refers to the hour each day that inmates were given to exercise outdoors at the prison opposite the restaurant's first location. They focus on creating a real new experience in Italian cuisine ensured through a unique mix of tradition, innovation and elegance created by one of Italy's leading chefs (who received a Michelin star in 2011). The aim is simple - to combine the integrity, depth and quality of Italian cooking with a belief in its continuous evolution, and thus remain young at heart.

Il Palagio


The restaurant is located inside the Four Seasons, boosting a Michelin star and an elegant interior with vaulted ceilings and lovely views of the fabulous inner gardens of the hotel. It’s ideal for diners seeking beautiful surroundings and a quiet, discreet setting. Looking over the park, one gets the sense of having been transplated into the Tuscan countryside, whilst being in the center of Florence. Inventive and authentic, stylish but relaxed, Il Palagio offers one of the most memorable fine dining experiences and settings of all the restaurants in Florence.


Curiosità notturna


Art Bar

Art Bar is around the corner from Frasi, Simone’s own store, and source of the occasion inspiration thanks to the exquisite mixology behind the great selection of fruit cocktails. Paolo, the owner, and his Florentine guest list as well as small bar’s old world ambiance makes it one of the few truly authentic bars. The attention to detail can be experienced in the dense formulation of the drinks as well as artful decoration of the drinks with fruits.

Bistrot 1926

19:26 Café is an experience in the mornings when seeking a morning cappuccino and brioche as well as in the evenings following dinner and pursuit of cocktails. Its charm results from the sophisticated combination of original furniture components, wood, marble, mirrors and iron elements that play on the contrasts of light. It’s a visually stunning scenery, also thanks to its refined local guests.


Giló Piano Bar

Giló is the ideal place for escaping the tourist masses and getting immersed in a friendly, jazz filled environment. One can enjoy dinner here, even if the menu is limited, but first and foremost a jazz bar that invites guests to stay long and enjoy live jazz performances.


Where to rest 

4 seasons.jpeg

Four Seasons

It is arguably the most stunning Four Seasons in Europe, located in a villa with a five-hectare garden a short walk from the buzzing city center of Florence. The pool and poolside restaurant are a refreshing and sophisticated hangout for those escaping the at times grueling heat that Florence experiences in the summer months. It is an experience in many ways, for staying or visiting, boosting a great brunch as well as earlier mentioned outstanding Michelin stared Il Palagio restaurant.


J.K. Place –.png

J.K Place

One of Italy’s classiest townhouse hotels, J.K. Place Firenze is where one can spot fashion designers launching their Pitti Uomo men’s collections as well as couples in town for a long weekend. The first of what has become a small Italian chain, with branches in Rome and Capri, J.K. Place is a distillation of Florentine elegance, its classic-contemporary décor the result of a meeting of minds between Italo-Israeli hotelier Ori Kafri and local interior designer Michele Bonan. It all feels a little like you’ve stepped into the house of a classy collector, a rich Florentine uncle who likes to set classical French and Italian antiques off against Moroccan lamps and Chinese lacquered sideboards.

Adastra Hotel.jpg

AdAstra Hôtel Particulier

Overlooking the largest private garden in Europe, with the fragrance of flowers and plants and a blissful quiet in the air, AdAstra is the Hôtel Particulier of Florence. It is home to seven rooms on the main first floor of the ancestral family mansion of the Torrigiani family, where the main rooms and the splendid salon are surrounded by a magnificent terrace of 270 square metres overlooking the garden. Every room has a different look and feel, combining original Italian design pieces from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s with touches of Florentine tradition, flavored with elements from distant travels, lighting and objects produced by local artisans and craftsmen, alongside a sprinkling of Anglo-American pop.


Where to buy


Profumeria l'Ó

The story of the perfumery began many years ago but the essence has always remained the same: a search for harmony and wellbeing. They carefully select personal and room fragrances, artisanal perfumes, natural and organic skincare, shaving products and more. A profound commitment and a great passion for their customers, considering each one special, and thus suggesting the right perfume, the exact element that does not overwhelm their personality, yet underlines, emphasizes and accompanies the uniqueness of each one.



Simone Righi’s store stands out for its unique selection of elegant men’s wear and everything that belongs to it. You can learn more about the man in our Interview Sessions, but as to the store, this elegant, old world space, it is truly worth any Florence visit. Simone is considered one of Italy’s style icons and has made a name for himself in the Pitti Uomo scene for being a perfectionist when it comes to fits. Thanks to Simone’s bespoke service, where he measures the customer and has suits made up by one of three tailors – Kiton, Attolini and a Florentine tailor – one can benefit from this perfectionism.


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